Saturday, June 13, 2020

Is The Beginning Of The End Near?


The title of this article is "9 Signs Of The End Times That Are Unfolding Right In Front Of Our Eyes" and you will find that these signs are shocking…ly underwhelming.


The beginning of the article is the usual biblical "evidence" that supports their foregone conclusions. After that, we have the signs…


#1. Wars and Rumors of Wars


We have never, in the entire history of the planet earth, heard of this thing called war. Is that like ice cream or something? I like ice cream.


OK, seriously, wars are nothing new for any of us. If you have ever lived, you probably remember hearing about a war going on. Hell, I was born in the same year that Vietnam ended.  Since then, there have been conflicts in Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Iraq (twice), Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, and elsewhere in the Middle East. And these are only the military actions involving the United States. There are several other conflicts going on at any given time. I remember in the 1980s, the televangelists and other religious sorts predicting that those were the end times. The end times predictions are nothing new, I guess at some point, somebody may just be right, but I'm not holding my breath.


#2. Earthquakes


Earthquakes are nothing new to the west coast of the United States, or Japan, or the Mediterranean  region. That's because the earth is made of tectonic plates that move and shift and slip and…you get it, right? You took 3rd grade science, correct? Good, no more geology lessons. The earth is a sort of volatile place what with the shaking and the fire and weather. More on the latter in few.


Yes, the California and Nevada area recorded more than 2,500 earthquakes, none larger than a 5.5 magnitude. Most of them can be attributed to really, really sensitive equipment. We know a lot about why earthquakes happen and how they happen, but we can't predict them. We have also really only been monitoring earthquake zones for a little over one hundred years, so we don't know if there are long cycles that the earth goes through.


#3. Volcanoes


Same as above, we live on a volatile planet that wants to kill us. Volcanoes are primarily in fault zones, but there is also one smack dab in the middle of our continent (North America). Volcanoes tend to erupt from time to time and there is nothing anyone can do to predict them or stop them.


#4. Crazy Weather Patterns


This sad excuse for a "news" website just mentions weather patterns and nothing else, so I will fill in the rest.


We humans are the primary cause for the crazy weather patterns that we're seeing and have been seeing since around the time of the industrial revolution. That's because during that time, we started finding new and inventive ways to pump chemicals into the atmosphere to cause these crazt weather patterns.


#5. Armies of Locusts


Yeah, you'll have that. There is very good reason why the bible mentions locusts as one of the plagues. They are very well adapted to their surroundings and they really don't seem to have a regular schedule. Many have tried and failed to stop the swarms, but to no avail.


This isn't actually the biggest swarm ever. Apparently, the swarm of 1875 in the United States was approximately three to twelve trillion. That's a lot of grasshoppers. Just because one of these swarms is happening this year, along with a few other things, does not mean that the world is ending.


#6. African Swine Fever


Much like the flu in humans, this is a persistent disease that has been around since 1907 and contains several different strains. I'm not a virologist, so I'm not going to comment anymore on this, but I'm pretty sure it's not a sign of the apocalypse.


#7. Famines and Food Riots


The author describes food riots happening in Africa and starting in South America. The latter can easily be explained by really bad governance during this time of the coronavirus. When people are out of work across the board, including at food processing plants, there are going to be food shortages.


#8. Economic Collapse


Yes, the economy is collapsing in US because the government has for so long equated the economy with Wall Street, so instead of safety net programs for American families, they decided to set up golden parachutes for American corporations. Now that we're in a time when unemployed workers and their families could use a helping hand, the government has to scramble to find the money.


#9. The Coronavirus Plague


The author says that the pandemic can be with us for many months to come. Wrong. Let's talk more than a year to come. This didn't have to be this bad. Had the US had a real leader in charge who listened to experts in the field and referred to the playbook that the two previous administrations left behind, we might have had a minor hiccup in our way of life instead of a major shift.


None of this points to the end of the world. Maybe the end of world as we know it, as in a shift from how we did things pre-pandemic to adapt to this virus. Maybe we become a mask culture like Japan, or maybe we really rethink American capitalism as a valid way to run our economy. As I stated above, for as long as there have been humans, there have been humans predicting the end of the world. Maybe my next post will be on all of the times that the world was supposed to end. 

Is The Beginning Of The End Near?   The title of this article is "9 Signs Of The End Times That Are...